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15 June 2020 By Daniel Spencer

Spotlight on Proximie

In December 2019 we spent two days with surgical collaboration specialists Proximie. Proximie's unique technology is an augmented reality platform that facilitates surgical collaboration, enabling surgeons to collaborate around the world.

19 March 2020 By James Moore

Talking Telehealth & the Coronavirus

There's not been enough talk about telehealth. This is a solution that can help GPs and doctors give quick diagnosis, while reducing risk of infection.

10 February 2020 By Emil Larsson

Taking Cardiovascular Imaging to New Heights.

I headed down to London to meet Circle's VP of Marketing, Daniel Leite, and learn more about their technology, the future of the medical imaging market and life at Circle.

21 November 2019 By Cameron Ramsden

Who'll be the Next Unicorn in Medical Imaging?

Global ambitions, a large market-size and truly disruptive technology, are all great indicators of a company that's about to make it big in medical imaging. But which companies have these top traits?

29 October 2019 By John-Joe Walker

Raising Awareness for Life-Saving Treatments on World Stroke Day.

This World Stroke Day I wanted to help raise awareness about a few medical device companies who are doing amazing things to help diagnose and treat this life-threatening condition.

25 October 2019 By Emil Larsson

Medical Imaging: The Rising Concern of Cyber Security.

Now more than ever, medical imaging is dependent on an underlying digital infrastructure. While there's a clear medical benefit, cyber security is an rising concern throughout the industry.

23 September 2019 By James Pickering

Who are the Most Innovative Companies in Ophthalmology?

James Pickering, our Business Consultant specialising in ophthalmology, recently asked the question: “Who's the most innovative company in ophthalmology?”

04 September 2019 By Cameron Ramsden

The World's First Handheld Whole-Body Ultrasound Device

We travelled to London to meet with one of the most innovative ultrasound device manufacturers in the world. They’re tearing up the imaging space right now, bringing the world’s first handheld whole-body ultrasound device to market.

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