Taking Cardiovascular Imaging to New Heights.

By Emil Larsson By Emil Larsson

Circle Cardiovascular Imaging have quickly evolved to become the market leader in the cardiac imaging space. Their latest product, CVI42 5.11, launched at RSNA 2019 and is the height of innovation with its fully embedded AI and quantitative perfusion technology.

I headed down to London to meet their VP of Marketing, Daniel Leite, to learn more about their technology, the future of the market and life at Circle.

I was keen to hear what Daniel had to say on AI in healthcare. He said that we need to think of AI as a tool. He made comparisons to how we all used to think about mobile phones. At first, we were astounded by what they could do. Now we just consider them as another tool – like we will do with AI.

Working in recruitment, I was also interested to learn more about the culture at Circle and how this has supported their growth. Daniel told me that Circle always try to evolve their employees within an open and ambitious environment. Everyone that works in the company has a true passion for what they do.

Please feel free to get in touch if you would like to learn more about life at Circle.


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