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15 January 2021
By Jordan Burgin By Jordan Burgin

5 Endoscopic Companies You Need to Know About.

With the minimally invasive and non-invasive surgical imaging market set to reach nearly $90 billion by 2027, these five companies stand to have a...

11 January 2021
By Henry Bell By Henry Bell

Is This a New, Data-Led Era for Cardiology?

Diagnosis of heart failure must be rapid and accurate. However, that can be a challenge for doctors without the right information and data.

16 December 2020
By Emil Larsson By Emil Larsson

The Nordics: A Hotbed of Innovation in Medical Imaging.

Strong public funding bodies and active private investors, coupled with innovative and open-minded founders, has led to a thriving healthtech ecosy...

04 December 2020
By Rowan Porter By Rowan Porter

Opportunity is Still Rife in Contract Manufacturing

With opportunity rife all over the world, I wanted to share some of the most exciting growth happening within contract manufacturing for medical de...

24 November 2020
By Ryan Gillon By Ryan Gillon

Aesthetics is on its Way Back.

As a recruiter that specialises in the aesthetics space, I’ve began to see encouraging signs that we’re on our way back to business almost as usual...

10 November 2020
By Herbie Laidlaw By Herbie Laidlaw

Solving a Behavioural Health Crisis.

I don’t know about you, but COVID-19 has disrupted my eating, drinking and exercising habits. It seems the rest of the world is having these proble...

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