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02 April 2020 By Rebecca Rowlands

Meeting the Global Ventilator Demand

As ICUs have become more crowded and ventilator demand has spiked, we've taken a look at companies in the respiratory space who are racing to incre...

25 March 2020 By James Christopher

A New Class of Technology in Cardiology.

Fresh approaches to AI, mixed reality, surgical robotics and CCM are changing the way we think about cardiology.

25 March 2020 By Jordan Burgin

Magic Shellfish, Tree-Healing and Computer-Vision.

The demand for wound care is at an all-time high, sparking innovation from all corners of the industry.

24 February 2020 By James Pickering

Transforming the Ophthalmic Surgery Guessing Game.

Now technology is revolutionizing refractive surgery, putting an end to this guesswork and helping motivate better patient outcomes.

13 January 2020 By Daniel Spencer

Is This a New Era of Innovation in Spine?

Forecast for further growth in 2020, the spinal implant and device market is becoming one of the most innovative areas in the medical device field.

02 January 2020 By Ryan Gillon

5 Pioneering Aesthetics Start-Ups Standing Out for Innovation

Aesthetics is a hot bed of innovation and pioneering start-ups are thriving at the heart of this market.

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