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17 July 2020
By Ryan Gillon By Ryan Gillon

3 Ways Digital Health is Changing the Game

A recent report from Frost & Sullivan anticipates the post Covd-19 telehealth market forecast of 64% growth versus the anticipated 32% pre-COVID-19...

30 June 2020
By Cameron Ramsden By Cameron Ramsden

Point of Care Ultrasound: 2 Years On

In July 2018 I wrote about the part that point of care ultrasound (POCUS) would play in the future of the imaging market. I’m not sure where two ye...

22 May 2020
By John-Joe Walker By John-Joe Walker

Neuromodulation: Over the Counter Solutions Changing Lives

Chronic pain or illness, whether physical or mental, has a huge effect on the sufferer. With many conditions, patients are fighting to keep the con...

14 May 2020
By Daniel Spencer By Daniel Spencer

The Rise and Rise of Digital Behavioral Health

The field of behavioral health covers many aspects of healthcare. It refers to mental health and psychiatric treatments, as well as different types...

05 May 2020
By James Christopher By James Christopher

6 of the Best in Structural Heart

The structural heart space is one of the most exciting areas in the whole of medical devices. A broad term, covering a range of cardiac conditions,...

02 April 2020
By Rebecca Rowlands By Rebecca Rowlands

Meeting the Global Ventilator Demand

As ICUs have become more crowded and ventilator demand has spiked, we've taken a look at companies in the respiratory space who are racing to incre...


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