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18 October 2019 By James Stinson

Why These 4 Surgical Robotics Companies are Intuitive's Biggest Threat

I’m championing four emerging companies whose technology has led their ambition, rather than R&D budgets, mergers and acquisitions.

09 October 2019 By James Pickering

Celebrating World Sight Day with 5 Extraordinary Ophthalmic Companies

Who are the most innovative companies in ophthalmology?” This simple question got an amazing response on LinkedIn with over 30 companies being reco...

04 October 2019 Rachel Conway

How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

Guest author and medical professional, Rachel Conway, gives insight into the impact that AI is having to diagnose and treat cancer.

25 July 2019 By John-Joe Walker

How Mind-Blowing Technology is Combating the Opioid Crisis.

Opioid addiction and misuse - including prescription pain relievers, heroin, and synthetic opioids such as fentanyl – has been escalating for decad...

11 July 2019 By Alex Keelan

Why 3D Printing Is Revolutionising Orthopaedics.

The orthopaedic medical device field is expected to become the third largest provider of Medtech sales by 2020.

11 June 2019 By Cameron Ramsden

5 Ways Apple are Moving into Medical.

Last week Butterfly iQ, manufacturers of an innovative whole-body ultrasound device, were announced as one of nine iOS developers to receive one of...

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