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25 September 2020
By John-Joe Walker By John-Joe Walker

Talking Neuromodulation with CEO Janne Huhtala.

I wanted to learn more about Janne's experience in the industry, how he fell in love with the technology and what he thinks about the future of the...

17 September 2020
By Lloyd Hines By Lloyd Hines

Keeping Orthopaedics Connected in COVID-19.

COVID-19 has forced orthopaedics to lean on innovative companies to keep surgeons, physicians and patients connected, shining a spotlight on many e...

14 September 2020
By James Stinson By James Stinson

Making Surgical Robotics Easy, Affordable & Accessible.

With numerous technological advancements and increased funding for medical robot research, surgical robotics is expanding. I spoke to a leading exp...

10 September 2020
By Dominic Turner By Dominic Turner

Discussing 3D Printing in Dental with Two Tech Leaders.

There’s no wonder why the 3D printing market has seen rapid growth within the dental industry. I spoke to two experts about it's advantages, the ch...

27 August 2020
By Becky Rowlands By Becky Rowlands

Changing Lives & Disrupting Dialysis with Wearables.

WAKs will revolutionise dialysis for renal patients around the world, providing a better quality of life and higher standards of treatment. It also...

12 August 2020
By James Pickering By James Pickering

Re-Inventing Eyecare with GlobeChek.

I caught up with GlobeChek’s CEO William Mallon to understand the effect that the pandemic has had on his start-up and the entire ophthalmic indust...


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