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01 July 2021
James Christopher By James Christopher

Can PFA Revolutionise Cardiac Ablations?

With the limited data we have so far, PFA has proven to be safer than other ablation energies and to provide quicker recovery times. But is it read...

24 June 2021
CM Industrial By CM Medical

5 Emerging Technology Trends That Will Shape the Future of Dentistry

From SMART toothbrushes to the potential of genetic engineering, click to read about five emerging trends that will change the world of dentistry f...

21 May 2021
James Stinson By James Stinson

Infection Prevention & Sterilisation: Stopping the Spread of COVID-19.

Infection prevention and sterilisation has gone from being an unsung hero of healthcare to one of the most important markets in the world. Click to...

29 April 2021
Lloyd Hines By Lloyd Hines

What Innovations Could Shape the Future of Orthopaedics?

To achieve personalised care in orthopaedics, we need advances in AI, surgical robotics, augmented reality (AR) and more! But where will this innov...

15 April 2021
Rowan Porter By Rowan Porter

Are These the 4 Most Exciting CMOs in 2021?

The world of contract manufacturing organisations, or CMOs, is a booming space right now. With so much growth and development happening globally, I...

26 March 2021
Cory Shaw By Cory Shaw

3 Technologies Revolutionising Spinal Surgery.

New innovations have continued to advance surgery – especially within the spinal space. I wanted to highlight the revolutionary technology that is ...

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