Digital Health Digest: Incentivising Exercise to Empower Employees.

James Moore By James Moore

In this episode, James speaks with Toby Cannon, an innovative young entrepreneur putting health and fitness first with his app, Myles Wellbeing. Toby is a true industry influencer, with his movement-first mindset changing the way companies approach employee wellbeing.

Myles Wellbeing aims to get desk-based employees moving by harnessing gamification and powerful social dynamics. With over 20,000 current users and counting, Myles is passionate about changing the future of workplace wellbeing, overall health and teamwork as a result.

With skin in the game as a software engineer, Toby is well-versed in the value of an effective end-user experience. Through effective integration with commonly used workplace and health platforms, and the introduction of incentivised, gamified opportunities which prioritise healthcare, Myles Wellbeing offers an innovative solution to an age old problem. How can we facilitate healthier, happier employees? Listen to the episode to find out Toby's take.

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