Digital Health Digest: Using AI to Engage Patients and Fill Prescriptions.

Harris Tariq By Harris Tariq

In this episode, Harris speaks with Nick Desai, founder of Renee, the first AI-driven personal health assistant for seniors.

Previously CEO of award-winning home-centric primary care company, Heal, and self-professed serial health tech entrepreneur, Nick is an industry leader in this space. This discussion covers everything from how to grow a start-up business from $0 to $300M, including how to raise capital, to what's next for the industry as a whole.

Nick shares insight into his latest venture, Renee, and its fascinating founding story, including how he secured investment for the platform from Lionel Richie and Matt Damon. If you're a first-time digital health founder or are just interested to hear insight from an innovator in the space, then be sure to have a listen.

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