Raising Awareness for Life-Saving Treatments on World Stroke Day.

CM Industrial By CM Medical

This World Stroke Day I wanted to help raise awareness about a few medical device companies who are doing amazing things to help diagnose and treat this life-threatening condition.

First off, we have Penumbra who have a really exciting and dynamic portfolio for the treatment of haemorrhagic and ischemic stroke. Their ACE and MAX portfolios helping solutions to patients across the world.

Also on the interventional side, we have the Israeli startup manufacturer, RAPID Medical. They have some really impressive devices including the TigerTriever, which helps remove clots from the brain.

BALT Extrusion are another one of the leading companies within interventional neuroradiology. Their devices include the Catch, the Silk and the Leo and they all help treat brain aneurysms.

On the diagnostic side we have a really cool startup called EMTensor. EMTensor are developing electromagnetic brain, scanning technology, which is set to hit the market in 2020. The idea of their technology is to bring stroke diagnosis closer to symptom onset. 

Of course, there are many more great companies working in this space which also need shouting about. However, that it from me for now.

Let's make sure this year's World Stroke Day campaign brings further support to the stroke community.




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