Talking Telehealth & the Coronavirus

CM Industrial By CM Medical

The coronavirus is spreading, with many countries grappling a rise in confirmed cases.

The virus is highly infectious, mainly spreading person-to-person within a 2m radius. This makes it extremely difficult for hospitals to effectively check patients, while also restricting the spread.

There's not been enough talk about telehealth. This is a solution that can help GPs and doctors give quick diagnosis and health information through apps, online platforms and video check ins. It reduces the doctor’s risk of infection and keeps people out of hospitals where the virus is rife.

Despite the clear benefits, there’s still major restriction on telehealth across the UK and Europe. That means we’re not making the most of the many technologies available.

Although NHS England are now encouraging more video check ins, many patients haven’t been aware of the platforms available to them, or the benefits of telehealth.

For us to combat coronavirus effectively, telehealth needs to be a part of our solution.


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