Digital Health Digest: Awakening Workplace Wellbeing.

James Moore By James Moore

In this episode, I speak with Seb Poole about co-founding a personalised mental health app focused on workplace wellbeing. Focussed on benefitting both employees and mental health providers, Frankie Health's main objective is to eliminate barriers to anyone accessing adequate mental health.

With a wealth of experience as an engineer and product manager, now an esteemed tech entrepreneur and true healthcare innovator, it's clear Seb has the skillset and insight to change the future of mental health support in the workplace. Here, we discuss everything from the ideation and struggle of starting a business, to the importance of ensuring work-life balance in exchange for a happy and thriving culture.

Alongside this, he shared insights into life as a leader and his thoughts on the scope of the market. Definitely not one to miss!

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