Digital Health Digest: Is This the Ultimate Funding Strategy?

James Moore By James Moore

In this episode I am joined by Faye Sahai, multi-award-winning esteemed corporate investor with a vested interest in innovators in the digital health space. Her wealth of experience advising for companies including AIG, Schwab, Deloitte Consulting, Blue Shield, and Kaiser Permanente, poses her industry knowledge next-to-non.

Investing in new tech is no mean feat. Here, Faye shares insights and strategies on how new companies in the digital health market can stand out, what she looks for and what defines innovation. Her background investing in start-ups in digital wellness and consulting on innovation led to her launching the AIG Global Innovation Center, managing Innovation & Digital Business over a number of years, alongside many other exciting responsibilities.

If you're seeking funding as a new company in the space, or are interested to hear Faye's invaluable insights from her years in the industry, then be sure to have a listen.

If you'd like to discuss any of the topics on the podcast in some more detail, then drop me a message at or connect with me on LinkedIn!

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