23 November 2021
James Moore By James Moore

Top Patient Engagement Solutions Impacting Healthcare.

Patient engagement encompasses the ability for patients to cooperate with a healthcare provider to gain healthcare treatment and advice in a way uniquely appropriate to their needs. In an aim to address one of the most disconnected issues within the healthcare sector, this process aims to ensure patients experiences are optimised in the most efficient and relevant way through integration of technology to facilitate direct connection between provider and patient outside of the doctor’s office.

Navigating modern healthcare systems is becoming increasingly overwhelming for patients, making even the simplest of tasks a challenge. Improving engagement can have a positive impact on the quality of care, with better outcomes and overall costs as a result. Patient engagement processes aim to ensure experiences are optimised in the most efficient and relevant way for both patients and providers, and have become especially prevalent during COVID-19, to enable contactless healthcare can still be provided in critical circumstances, and availability can be remotely monitored and managed.

Often practitioners fail to provide information that patients need to make the best decisions about their own care, especially post-discharge. In cases where patients do receive detailed information, it can often be overwhelming, or they may lack the necessary confidence to make their own decisions about crucial next steps. Enter, patient engagement solutions.

There are, however, some key companies making headway to address and overcome these obstacles with industry-defining, innovative technologies and approaches.


CipherHealth knows that healthcare is moving on, away from traditional settings and towards a consolidated, technology-focussed approach. Its patient engagement platform enables healthcare providers to deliver better outcomes and experiences throughout the patient’s care journey. Since its birth in 2009, the company has built a world-class team and has proudly partnered with the industry-leaders to ensure continuous innovation. This patient-centric approach has Cipher grow from strength to strength as award-winning leaders when it comes to patient engagement solutions.

With a key focus on driving operational efficiency, Cipher provides solutions to drive preventative care, close gaps in care, reduce readmissions and improve patient experiences. Their response to COVID-19 communications issues was a brilliant example of the optimisation of technology to ensure to close communication gaps in critical care. Cipher’s platform allowed hospital staff to continue treating COVID-19 patients, despite overwhelming numbers. Its systems virtually connected patients and providers to ensure physical and psychological safety on an ongoing basis, as well as facilitating regular virtual symptom screening for front-line caregivers.

Force Therapeutics

Force Therapeutics is a care management solution, virtually connecting surgeons to patients from pre-op through to post-op and aftercare. To ensure more effective and affordable care, Force’s virtual chat-based system connects patients and healthcare advisors on a consistent basis, reducing call volume and wait times by up to 80%. This system allows for a continuous feedback loop to ensure patients feel looked after, whilst ensuring a full and effective recovery.

With the Force system, healthcare providers are assessed and reviewed based on analytics and feedback, ensuring that the care given is always of the highest expected quality. Care teams receive customisable alerts when a patient needs attention, all conducted through a digital app platform, allowing 24/7 access to care.

Founded in 2010, Force now provides services to over 300 surgeons and 150,000 patients with phenomenal results. This innovative, value-based care movement prioritises quality care at a lower cost, a crucial factor to address the U.S health disparities crisis. Through their AI algorithms and data centric platforms, Force prioritises meaningful interactions between patient and provider, to ensure the optimum health efficiency.


Another innovative, virtual patient engagement platform provider is QliqSOFT. Through secure texting, chatbots and virtual visits, it prides itself on providing solutions which “Grow With You and Scale at Your Pace”.

As the demands for healthcare delivery rapidly change, so do patient’s needs. QliqSOFT’s HIPAA-compliant digital platform is built to help streamline operations, increase accuracy, reduce wait times, improve patient outcomes, whilst protecting both patient and provider privacy.

Trusted by over 1,000 organisations across the U.S, QliqSOFT systems help to automate workflows, leverage collaboration, and unite care teams and patients through AI software. During COVID-19, QliqSOFT’s customisable healthcare chatbot used AI-driven conversational communication and scheduling to help patients self-schedule vaccine appointments, provide vaccination documentation and even connect patients to transport links to get them to and from vaccine centres.


GYANT understands that patients want their healthcare experience to align with apps and websites they use in other parts of life. By connecting patients directly, and remotely, to virtual care, their interface empowers patients to interact on their own terms and at their own convenience. By creating a more personal, tailored experience, GYANT has built a network based on trust.

Through its empathy-focussed AI technology, GYANT virtually guides patients through their entire care journey. From finding a doctor, to scheduling appointments and receiving answers and feedback. This system helps ensure full transparency through a quick and seamless process, whilst ensuring patients feel valued and supported. Once implemented, these innovative workflows can reduce clinical strain and support staff overheads to provide greater efficiency and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

Health Recovery Solutions

Health Recovery Solutions (HRS) is the KLAS Leader in Remote Patient Monitoring. Partnered with some of the best healthcare providers, HRS coordinate digital solutions to reduce cost and improve efficiency across a range of healthcare operations. Providing telehealth systems to hospitals, home aid for remote healthcare providers, as well as solutions for hospices and palliative care, HRS is highly focussed on supporting patients with long-term conditions.

Its systems, such as PatientDirect+, help patients to self-manage their conditions and remain independent, whilst ensuring they are fully medically supported. Benefits include reduced hospital stays, earlier discharge and reduced dependency on primary healthcare and local GP services.

As remote patient monitoring gains popularity, the need for assuring compliance with in-home technology is a key factor for providers to consider. In the case of telehealth equipment, correctly installing equipment in each patient's home is critical to long-term effectiveness. Equally, when engaging patients using app or web-based functions, providers have the responsibility of ensuring customers are comfortable with the process, to ensure each party gets the most benefit from implementing patient engagement systems.

Are you interested in discussing the opportunities for the patient engagement market in some more detail? I’d love to hear from you. Drop me a message at herbie.laidlaw@medical-cm.com.

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