02 March 2018
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5 Emerging Manufacturers to Look-Out for at AAOS 2018.

It’s an event that every company wants to be seen to attend, whether they have a presence in the US market or not. Here are five of this year’s exhibitors that I think are set for an exciting future.

1.      BodyCad 

BodyCad are a pioneer in personalised orthopaedics and rigorous in their pursuit of perfection in the space. Their Personalised Restoration Evaluation Process (PREP) is used to create devices for unicompartmental and total knee replacements, as well as hip and shoulder devices.

Their personalised devices can also be used in restorations for oncology, osteonomies and revisions. The individual nature of each device means that they’re ideal for patients with unique or individual needs.

As personalised care and precision medicine become a part of more and more conversations in the medical space, BodyCad are sure to be discussed more regularly.


2.      Cartiva 

Cartiva have carved out a niche in the medical device market, and it’s bringing them a great deal of success in the space.

Their unique device is designed to treat osteoarthritis in extremities, focussing on the big toe. Made from polyvinal and saline, their device creates a joint-preserving alternative to fusion.

As an alternative to invasive and disruptive fusion surgery, Cartiva’s products offer both pain reduction and an improved range of motion to patients, which are massive advantages in a crowded space.

3.      OSSimTech

VR is everywhere and at CM Medical we’re seeing companies in all of the markets we operate in racing to utilise the technology as best they can.

OSSimTech are still in the early stages of commercialisation with their product and have recruited a team of experienced engineers to create their VR open surgery simulators. Their provision of realistic 3D environments for spinal, knee and tool handling training differentiates them from their competitors who focus on the MIS surgery space.

4.      Extremity Medical 

Extremity Medical have created a range of 17 devices designed to improves surgeons’ ability to treat challenging patient conditions.

With an existing range of products including their Omni MTP Fusion System, Axis Charcot Fixation System and the Biofuse Viable Bone Graft.

Having been in contact with Extremity Medical in the past, it’s their reputation for innovation and having new products constantly in the pipeline that I think makes them stand out. The vast array of products they have prepared for launch in 2018/19 makes them well placed to make a real difference in the extremity space.

5.      NewClip Technics

A French manufacturer of implants for elective surgery or traumatology, NewClip are a global player with a presence in more than 25 countries worldwide.

Their suite of products is tailored toward upper and lower extremities. Personally, I think that it’s their single use portfolio ‘Initial’ that really stands out, providing pre sterilized, ready to use and cost-effective solutions with a five-year shelf life.

Any business that can produce low cost products with a great deal of longevity are sure to make waves in any market or sector.



So, they’re my five picks to watch out for. It’s set to be yet another exciting AAOS, with lots of exciting products to see and discover.


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