04 January 2023
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Nutricosmetics: What's the Hype?

An Era of Growth for Nutricosmetics.

As a result of society’s unfortunate inability to socialise during the pandemic, there was noticeable shift towards consumer focus on ‘beauty from within’. People began spending less on make-up and skincare and more on oral beauty products, as a focus on skin health and sustainability became prominent. As a result, the nutraceutical industry sees increasing success across nutricosmetics - dietary supplements taken orally to provide beauty benefits.

With the incredible growth of Marine Collagen Peptides and CBD products across the market, there is no better time than the present to explore how these successes have been forged and what the future may hold for nutricosmetics. Inspired by this positive trajectory, I set out to explore current leaders in the nutricosmetics field, to discuss their ethos, efforts, and product offering.

Leaders in the Nutricosmetics Space.


Tosla roduces high-quality liquid collagen products to great acclaim, working with in-house research and development teams and manufacturing across the EU to take the lead in the liquid collagen sector of the nutricosmetics space. Providing leading nutritional supplement brands with flexible, full-stack nutricosmetics production, Tosla have proven their continued ability to provide top-quality, consistent and innovative products, having grown by 110% in 2020 and receiving the Cosmetics & Toiletries (C&T) Allē Award. Their rate of progress is impressive, and they show no sign of slowing down. 

Tosla’s newest offer to the market is the revolutionary proprietary masking technology, VELIOUS, that focuses on the composition of their liquid collagen to provide a more palatable product with a minimised aftertaste. Tosla are set to remain a mainstay in the nutricosmetics market and offers an incredible product range for those seeking top-quality collagen. 

Essentia Pura

A leading producer of bulk and white-label CBD across Europe, Essentia Pura use unique and innovative extraction methods to offer the best product available to nutricosmetic developers. 

Essentia Pura partners with leading associations and research institutions, including Pharma SGP and Dermcos, leading to forward-thinking manufacturing and product development that works with the latest scientific knowledge. Their latest product range covers wholesale CBD oils, edibles, skincare, and bulk pastes - including full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and THC-free options. Essentia Pura are certainly one to watch for CBD nutricosmetics development.  

D-Lab Nutricosmetics

Offering a cruelty-free, vegan, and eco-conscious ethos, French manufacturers D-Lab Nutricosmetics produce a wide range of consumable collagen nutricosmetic products. Their range supports a comprehensive collection of needs, from skincare and hair to menstrual cycle and pregnancy support, anti-ageing, digestion, and microbiota needs. 

With leading technology and product ranges for each age group and health aims, D-Lab are developing a nuanced niche to ensure their hold in the nutricosmetics market.  

From their fully ISO 14001-certified factory in the heart of the Saint Bonnet de Rochefort Naturopôle, they have ensured a top-of-the-range treatment unit which ensures rigorously controlled hygrometry and optimum humidity control to protect ingredients and product creation. The personalised and full focus on quality from start to finish from D-Lab Nutricosmetics is setting them apart from competitors and will ensure a strong future ahead.  

Pura Collagen

At Pura Collagen, use of their specialised Bioactive Collagen Peptides has secured them a definitive niche in the nutricosmetics market. Hydrolysed peptides are put through further rigorous enzymatic processing to deliver targeted results when consumed - working across skincare, joint, and general health care needs.  

Pure Collagen’s award-winning glow+ powder utilises Bioactive Collagen Peptide VERISOL and the best in supporting ingredients to offer an innovative and comprehensive collagen support solution for healthy hair, skin, and nails. Prolonged use of glow+ has even been seen to reduce the appearance of cellulite; a common claim but one rarely delivered by other competitors.  

Absolute Collagen

Absolute Collagen has built a remarkable reputation for delivering the basics flawlessly, earning the trust of customers for the daily essentials in collagen support, and securing their stronghold in the nutricosmetics market. Their original pure collagen drink has nothing but the best essentials: premium marine collagen, Vitamin C, and a splash of natural flavouring.  

Having won a wealth of awards, with over 10 million doses sold and the most concentrated daily collagen supplement on the market, Absolute Collagen will be an exciting company to watch in years to come.  

Looking Ahead: The Future of Nutricosmetics.

From companies working across Europe in collagen, CBD, and a wealth of other nutricosmetic products, it’s clear that the road ahead is bright for nutricosmetics and the nutraceutical industry as a whole. For those looking for top-tier product support or keen to watch an impressive business trajectory alike, these leaders are worth watching.  

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  • Purushottam Timalsina 01 June 2023

    The natural collagen supplements has reaally helped me to improve my skin function and the skin quality. The skin is shining now.


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