16 August 2022
Nathan Riley By Nathan Riley

A Bold New Era for Diabetes Management.

Diabetes management companies have seen a huge influx of growth in recent years, with a number of research — and product — advancements and an increase in new start-ups. The sector as a whole is projected to grow from just under $16 billion in 2022 to just over $30 billion by 2029, and this environment is signifying some important times ahead for players within the medical industry.

With an increasing number of diabetes patients, making glucose monitoring more accessible, efficient, and convenient for users has never been more important. Fortunately, developments with the continuous glucose monitoring or CGM space have been consistently impressive.

The Role of Continuous Glucose Monitoring.

CGM automatically tracks blood sugar or blood glucose levels, 24 hours a day, allowing live updates through a wearable device or app. CGM works via a small sensor inserted under the skin that measures the interstitial glucose level - the level of glucose found in the fluid between the cells. These sensors test glucose levels every few minutes and are then transmitted wirelessly to the monitor device or app. A CGM monitor may be integrated into an insulin pump or a separate device carried separately.

CGM use allows a more consistent, less demanding monitoring of glucose levels for diabetes sufferers - although it is currently most suitable for Type 1 diabetics, with minimal use available for Type 2 diabetics. Research into this space for broader use and more treatment integration is continuing, and companies working on CGM projects are offering the potential for even better treatment and better quality of living for all diabetics.

Diabetes Management Companies Taking The Lead In Glucose and Insulin Products.

Beta Bionics

Beta Bionics, based in California and Massachusetts, USA, is a B Corp and one of the first medcare companies to incorporate as a public benefit corporation. Their status shows their commitment to the planet and the people, creating medtech that improves the quality of life for diabetes sufferers and lessens the burden of diabetes management. With over 12 years of clinical research and 20 pre-pivotal medical trials under their belt, Beta Bionics are at the centre of proactive diabetic care.

Their current product in development, awaiting FDA approval and regulation clearance at the time of writing, is the iLet® Bionic Pancreas. This product is currently the closest automated insulin delivery system to a fully closed loop system, offering a tubed insulin pump - approximately no larger than a credit card - which also houses the AID algorithm, a Dexcom G6, and a smartphone or similar device, with remarkably minimal input required from the wearer. Whilst the iLet® Bionic Pancreas is not yet available for purchase, medical trial results look promising.

Graphwear Technologies

Meanwhile, Graphwear Technologies offer CGM without breaking the skin - something that can truly transform condition management for people with diabetes nationwide. Whilst still awaiting FDA approval and full regulatory backing, Graphwear is developing a range of wearable devices to suit all individual needs - all without even a single drop of blood.

Working in partnership with the likes of  Penn Medicine and Mission Bay Capital , Graphwear Technologies have a strong supportive vote from the industry and looks to offer some promising tech to the sector.

Intuity Medical

Founded in Silicon Valley in 2002, Intuity Medical have developed the POGO Automatic for use alongside the Patterns smartphone app. Their innovative management product allows swift blood collection and glucose level data management in one easy-to-use product. Less fuss, less to think about - a better management experience all around.

FDA-approved and available from your doctor or various pharmacies nationwide, the POGO Automatic could be the next best tool for diabetics across the country - and who knows what else is next from Intuity Medical?

Hedia Diabetes

Working in collaboration with The Danish Diabetes Association and Steno Diabetes Center Aalborg, Hedia Diabetes offer a range of diabetic support with continued intensive research. The Hedia Diabetes Assistant aims to help improve condition management for insulin-requiring diabetes, improving health and quality of life for sufferers. They also offer an educational space for healthcare providers to ensure their offer is holistic and comprehensive.

Studies have actively shown an improvement in condition management via the use of the HDA, and Hedia’s overall offering in the diabetes management space is refreshingly collaborative, connected, and appreciates the multifaceted connections between sufferers and healthcare providers in diabetes management.

Indigo Med

Founded by Danaë Delbeke and her team in 2016, and based in Ghent, Belgium, Indigo Med are hard at work this year. Their team is developing the world’s first continuous multi-metabolite monitoring system for diabetics, using groundbreaking nanophotonics technology to analyse metabolite levels via a miniature spectrometer. The invisible under-skin sensor at the centre of this development can actively record glucose and ketone levels for up to 2 years.

With support from universities, various high-profile funders, and an expansive team with a diverse range of expertise, Indigo Med look set to claim their place at the head of diabetes management over the coming years.

What’s Ahead For Diabetes Management?

It’s clear that the diabetes management sector is seeing a huge period of growth, and particular technological advancements have allowed blood glucose monitors, continuous glucose monitors, and insulin delivery systems to flourish greatly.  

National and international start-ups, innovative researchers and countless teams working passionately for a better quality of life for all diabetics are promising a bright future for diabetes management that the industry is ready to welcome.

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A Bold New Era for Diabetes Management.
16 August 2022
Nathan Riley By Nathan Riley

A Bold New Era for Diabetes Management.

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