06 May 2022
Harris Tariq By Harris Tariq

A New Era of Digital Healthcare.

Data and Analytics in Digital Healthcare Transformation

As we face an ever-changing healthcare space, I strongly believe the development of new approaches in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of health conditions is crucial to ensuring patient health. From my position within the industry, working with international market leaders, I have seen the sector grow from strength to strength with unrivalled speed. Digital Healthcare has played a significant role in optimizing healthcare treatments over recent years, and incorporation into your practice can truly transform your treatment and patient support.

Even in its relative infancy, the incorporation of digital software, digital data collection and predictive analytics promise great steps towards a total digital healthcare transformation. Much of digital healthcare relies upon the collation of analytics of health data from health settings to improve patient management, care, and experience. Information can be gathered from every step of the patient journey, from administrative entry to specialist assessment.

Steps Towards Digital Healthcare Transformation: Uses of Data and Analytics

Developments in the digital healthcare space have directly shown an improvement in the treatment of long-term conditions, and a valuable source of insight into patient needs thanks to a nuanced combination of data and sophisticated analytics.

Combining extensive datasets together and interrogating data accordingly enables practitioners to spot new patterns and gain new insights into patient health profiles that would otherwise have remained unrecorded. Alongside a more prompt and refined diagnosis, the use of digital healthcare software and digital data analysis can develop research into population health and offer more avenues for drug development.

Industry Leaders Using Digital Healthcare to Revolutionize Patient Care

Certain industry leaders can offer us insight into the possibilities of onboarding digital healthcare. Exploring their achievements in the data and analytics space can lead us to take steps towards our own digital healthcare transformations.

Komodo Health

Komodo Health combines a comprehensive view of patient encounters, innovative algorithms, and decades of clinical expertise to culminate in their Healthcare Map, a digital database foundation that offers a precise view of patient journeys across the U.S healthcare system with a wealth of software platforms for practitioner interrogation.

With 15 million new clinical encounters each day, a 75% overlap with 350 hospitals and a 96% overlap across over 10 billion laboratory records, Komodo Health’s commitment to comprehensive, consistently updated data ensures the most precise predictive analytics, leading to the most personalized care options.

Their Pulse software delivers direct, relevant alerts on clinical updates and anomalies at optimal phases for healthcare practitioners to engage and offer proactive treatment plans and patient support. Komodo Health’s software range has led directly to closing the gap between clinical interventions and clinician engagement, ultimately leading to an increase in positive patient outcomes.

Flatiron Health

Flatiron Health has focused on cancer data analytics with pioneering real-world data in oncology, implementing brand new approaches to evidence generation, improved research and development, more inclusive patient care and access, and more sustainable healthcare.

Flatiron Health’s Oncology Care Model (OCM) is a five-year voluntary value-based care program, comprising nearly 200 oncology practices. As part of their involvement, each practice is required to introduce new care coordination and patient navigation activities, in an effort to ensure high-quality care across the board. Long-term, trusted partnerships with OCM practices ensure a committed approach to advancing cancer care across the network, making the most of integrated technology solutions and sophisticated data analytics.

The OCM’s integration with Flatiron Assist™ allows physicians to quickly select evidence-based treatment options, while collecting resulting data to further contribute to ongoing research projects, all from the point of care.


As data collection becomes the basis for digital healthcare transformation, it is vital that we ensure the uploading of pre-digital data to give a full view of the patient journey and the advancements of health conditions.

MediQuant customizes its data life cycle management technology to ensure fully-personalized support to users at every level. Working directly with healthcare providers, MediQuant offers unparalleled data extraction, having mapped thousands of healthcare data records across legacy EMR, EHR, and ERP records, and patient accounting applications.

Nuna Healthcare

Nuna Healthcare remains steady on the course of the digital healthcare transformation by acknowledging the historic fragmentation of the healthcare system, and that comprehensive cohesion across healthcare data and analytics, healthcare practitioners, and patients are crucial to bridging these fissures in the healthcare space.

Nuna’s Value Platform focuses on value-based arrangements for providers and patients, reducing complexity, capturing, integrating, and sharing data in a single unified platform, and exploring numerous healthcare provision scenarios from nuanced analytics. Systematic progress tracking ensures up-to-the-minute data and patient care, with opportunities for direct patient feedback.

Health Gorilla

Health Gorilla offers fully comprehensive, optimized healthcare data analytics, with full access offered through their Health Interoperability Platform. This platform provides access to clinical data, streamlines reimbursement payments, and enables data-sharing across the entire healthcare ecosystem.

Timely integrations are simplified into easy-to-implement APIs, allowing participants seamless access to aggregated clinical data - optimizing patient care, allowing the most from patient reporting, and offering the best evidence across research and development.

The Future of Healthcare: Digital Healthcare Transformation

From the exploration of leading healthcare software providers, it’s evident that those incorporating sophisticated data analysis are those futureproofing themselves for success.

Across the assessment of possible care plans, responsive patient care, and the optimum analysis of population health progression, data and analytics are essential in ensuring healthcare advancements that serve our patients and create a responsive medical environment - today and tomorrow.

I'll certainly be keeping an eye on opportunities for companies as this space continues to develop and technologies adapt. Want to discuss the future of digital healthcare in some more detail with me? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Drop me a message at harris-tariq@medical-cm.com or connect with me on LinkedIn to chat!

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