"You see Google, Apple, Samsung, all these tech giants, jumping into healthcare because they know that data is the future."

CM Industrial By CM Medical

This CM Conversations episode is all about cardiac digital health and data. 

On the podcast, I was joined by Ken Nelson - Head of Digital Health, Diagnostics, & Monitoring at Biotronik. Ken has spent over 20 years in the cardiovascular device market, working at the likes of Boston Scientific, iRhythm Technologies, BioTelementry Healthcare, Bardy Diagnostics and now Biotronik. 

Together, we discussed how cardiology is becoming more data-dependent and the future of the space. We also chatted a little about Ken's career, which was pretty fascinating. 

I hope you enjoy listening and if you have any feedback about the episode, please email me at Henry.Bell@medical-cm.com. You can find more of my contact details via my consultant page.

I've also recently written an article about this topic, titled: "Is This a New, Data-Led Era for Cardiology?" Have read and let me know what you think.


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