How to Stand Out in a Saturated AI & Medical Imaging Market.

Emil Larsson By Emil Larsson

Having worked in the medical imaging space as a global headhunter for some time now, I've noticed that the AI market has become increasingly saturated. With so many exciting companies and technologies competing in this niche, it's become difficult for companies to stand out. 

So, I wanted to ask an expert at an innovative start-up about how they had overcome this challenge. This led me to a conversation with Peter Chang - who’s Co-Director at the UCI Center for AI in Diagnostic Medicine, as well as the Co-Founder & CEO of 

In my discussion with Peter, we spoke about why the AI market has become so saturated over recent years. He was also able to share insight on how companies can improve their offering and future-proof their business to really stand out in this highly competitive marketplace.

Whether you’re from a commercial, technical or medical background; I think there is something valuable here for everyone to takeaway from this podcast.

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